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1.This game is very popular in foreign tourists.2.The athletes from China in the international table tennis match plays a leading role.

Traveling to China is more and more popular

1.package tour becomes popular .2.travelling agency will help tourists charter a plan,reserve hotels and order food.3.tourists will go abroad tomorrow.4.the money is not high,either they are going to


1.How much time from Beijing to Singapore ? 2. My parents have gone to hainan, they have left home for three and a half days. 3. You must return the book to the library as soon as possible, because you have borrowed too long. 4. Hong Kong is a

the latter two are the only mammalian eggs;s tallest trees in one of the discoloration, when you enter the competition sites;s numerous theme park, but swimming with dolphins collective activities only in western Liberia;s water sports are numerous.

We welcome tourists from all over the world to visit Sichuan!


computer game are popular among the students, over plays computer game may benefits to the game owner, but it is no good for student study and also their health

译文:I will never use the "small number" , please femancipate me. Just let me play this game, thank you, I love the game, has also been punished know the error.原文:我永远也不会再开小号了,请你给我解封让我好好玩这个游戏吧,谢谢了,我很喜欢这个游戏,也已经受到惩罚知道错误了.


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