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群口相声 英语怎么翻译 麻烦帮我翻译一下,很急,谢谢!!

正确翻译:group cross talk

无聊呢..帮帮你吧 有不对的话请包涵~Do you know it?Your voice is really wonderful.Your voice attracts me deeply,whenever.You,17 years old,and become a big boy.I found that,i'm in love with you.love your smilelove the expression in your

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Today, I would like to present a cross-talk.This is XXX, my partner, everybody knows him.He blows his trumpet very well! But he has been indisposed recentlyThis time he's really very sick, he's disfigured.Hemorrhoids. Ha ha, it's just a joke.Just


布什:我的脑袋怎么了? 医生:你的脑袋非常好 布什:为什么? 医生:因为你和每个人一样,有右脑和左脑. 布什:还有什么? 医生:但是你的大脑要远好于其他所有人的大脑. 布什:真的? 医生:是的,先生,每个人的大脑不是分化得那么完美,但你的却是个例外. 布什:告诉我怎么是个例外,不会是因为我是美国的老大吧 医生:先生,你的大脑真的分得非常清楚,你的左脑绝对没有右的东西,右脑绝对没有左的东西.

The man is reported to have said in private that "we are being made fools of by many of our clients,so we are entitled to have them bow to us as compensation." 据报道的那个男人私下说“我们被我们很多的客户耍了,所以我们要他们向我们鞠

In this sunlight is bright, the fresh flower is in full bloom in the season, our school has welcomed “in 2009 fortunately Chinese bridge - American high-school student summer training camp” teachers and students. first, lets me represent the Yunnan

The students are good! I am glad to know you, and honored at the Middle School this year to learn with you, hope we can get along and work together to learn! Thank you



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