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Thank you for your help.

Thanks for your help Thank you for helping me

非常谢谢你的帮助Thank you very much for your help我不喜欢喝啤酒I don't like drinking beer外面的雨下得很大It's raining heavily outside她是我妈妈的朋友She is thefriend of my mother

Thank you for helping me / Thanks for the helpfor后面接动词ing或者名词

谢谢你的帮助-----Thank you for your help

谢谢你对我的帮助Thank your help to me

Thanks for your help

thank you for your help . thank you very much ! you are so kind . it is so kind/niee of you 现在进行时 构成:主语+be+动词ing形式 “RoyalJimmy”说的不只是现在进行时了 was/were+v.-ing是过去进行时 第一人称+am+v-ing 第二人称+are+v-ing

Thank you for your care and help.谢谢你的关心和帮助

谢谢你对我的帮助thank you for helping me


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