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因此,节约用水对我们来说非常重要 英语翻译

so,it's very important for us to keep water plenty.

Water is very important to the human beings.But now many rivers and lakes are polluted. And what shall we do ? We can do like these things: First we must protect the factory form pouring waste water into the river Second we should stop people

Saving water is very important also

It's important for us to learn to save water in our daily life

Water is very important to us再看看别人怎么说的.

(1) Water is the source of life, water is very important to us, we can not live without water. (2)地球表面75%是水但地球上的可用水资源越来越少了. (2) 75% of the earth's surface is water, but the earth less and less available water resources. (3)我们必须节约用水,不能浪费水资源. (3) We must save water, not to waste water.


Water is very important for us. We must drink water everyday. We can't live withoutwater.水对我们很重要.我们必须每天喝水.没有水我们就不能生存.Water is everywhere around us. At home, we use water to wash clothes, wash dishes, cook rice,

We are paying more attention on many environmental problems we made before, one of them is the water emergence. Long time ago, we never noticed that we are in a situation that the water on the earth is less than before, and the consequence

It is not easy for us to save water.如还有疑问,欢迎可以进入乐知各级别英语外教课免费旁听.希望能帮到您


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