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外语水平及技能: *英语CET-4证书,拥有良好的英语听说读写能力.那还找翻译做啥……

let me have a try~~

Intention job: cashier's name: (Tianjin) Work experience: ◆ 2008 years 1 to date: Office: the reasons for leaving the cashier: bankruptcy! During the performance: (1) is responsible for cash, day-to-day management of the bank, issued daily

Students office - Learning Minister Associate Editor, Department of Economics JikanMicroeconomics course, international trade practice, international trade settlement, money and banking, securities investment, accounting, financial accounting,

Jane calendar Sex female Date of birth on 25 January 1990 Engaged in professional and technical supervision and inspection Ethnic han Beijing dialect Hobbies organisms, Long-distance running, skiing, photography, music, reading, Bachelor

Acquaint with a Fang, clothing market, ability independence operation a slip(finished product), know the advantage item of each place, special acquaint with Ke Qiao2, sea rather with the righteousness black market.The ability develop good supplier

Personal Resume个人概况 Personal ProfileI will be a graduate with Bachelor's Degree in 2009, majoring in Tourism Management, studying in Southwest University for Nationalites籍 贯:河北省石家庄市Birth Place:Shijiazhuang City, Hebei

Education background Xian sports institute (state sport general administration affiliated colleges) Social order (cultivate social sports organization and management personnel) Thirty-five specialized course YouXiuLv: 11/35 The 2007-2008

1.During the college period,I have joined the Drama Club,the Cartoon Club and the Taiji Club.2.I'm serious about my work,ready to meet challenges,good at innovation and have a strong awareness of responsibility.3.From Sep.2009 to Jun.2010,I

Responsibilities: responsible for the corporate culture, recruiting and training new employees, establish and perfect the company's management system, and supervision and implementation, coordination of financial instruments, financial executive


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