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英语好的,大神 能帮我翻译一下下面的英语吗,不要...

You can wast your time before the age of 18 while you are a girl,but after it,you have became an andult and you can prepar for your future

Dear teachers, fellow students here Hello everyone afternoon. Am honored to stand here for the lecture, the theme of my speech today: the Olympic spirit.well today I did not intend to put this slide, but suddenly realized that the Olympic spirit is the

Bye bye baby 再见了宝贝 Don't be long 不会等很长的时间 I worry about you 我很担心你 While you'er gone 当你离开的时候 Bye bye baby 再见了宝贝 Don't be long 不会等很长的时间 I worry about you 我很担心你 While you'er

In the film he hides out in a black dress, size large, like chimpanzees, even fierce owl bear are vulnerable in front of him. His brow rose, the tooth is wide, the chin is longer, the entire image to the invasion. Don't like the family to try new things,

Good morning, today I'm very glad to come for an interview my name is XXX, this year 19 years old! I come from chongqing! I am a serious and responsible in work, life, lively and cheerful person, has the good team cooperation spirit before the foreman and customer service work, I believe I am capable and competent

the main focus of your question depends on who in the phrase 'the strategies will differ depending upon who they are seeking to communicate with. 'whom, indeed , is a more


"The American college campus is mainly about the matter, a group of young students, each character, different characteristics, robin played a love of literature and life, encouraging young people personality of play in the 1950s, the traditional

1.say"good morning" and embrace me. 2.don't want tears,only want your smile.

With the development of economy, the increasingly serious environmental problems. In order to Protect environment, maintain ecological balance,ma



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