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dear peteri am in a new school, because my parents decided to move house. now i'm in xx middle school, it is near to my new house. i always walk to the school.my new schol is very big and clean. there lots of trees and flowers. i can smell the

Dear Simon,Thank you for your email. Let me tell you about my school. I study at No. 1 Middle School. Our school is big and modern. It takes me half an hour to get to school by bus every day. I'm never late for school. My classroom is on the ground/

Dear PeterI am in a new school, because my parents decided to move house. Now I'm in XX middle school, it is near to my new house. I always walk to the school.My new schol is very big and clean. There lots of trees and flowers. I can smell the

Dear Peter;Now, let me introduce you the traditional festival, is also the most important festival in China, the Spring Festival.The holiday in every year lunar calendar on January 1, on this day, our family reunion together, see shows, eat dumplings, set

Dear Tony,I'm very glad to recieve your letter. In your letter, you said you want to learn Chinese well, so you asked me for advice about how to learn Chinese.In my opinion, if you want to learn Chine

Hi Dale,I just finished my final exams last week. It was a tough week. I studied very hard for the exams. I read my notes and summarized the points I have studied in class. I spent less time on my cell phone and games. However, since I didn't pay

Dear Peter,Thank you for your letter. I am writing you to introduce our school to you.The name of our school is XXX. It was established in 1957, and has more than 50 years of educational excellence. If you are looking for our school's location, you can

One possible version Dear Tom, How are you recently? Now, I'll tell you something about my English teacher Mr. Lee. Mr. Lee is forty years old He has a happy family. He's outgoing and gets along well with us students. His classes are very

Welcome you to our China in winter vacation of shanxi tourist ,Shanxi scenery and charming scenery. Famous yard, the royal residence of the premier, etc.You came, I went back to meet you at the airport. I'll bring you visit shanxi scenery.Still 供恭垛

Dear Sam,How is it going?Recently,I am reading a good novel.It is calleed (orA dream of red mansions>).I like it very much.I think you coule read it if you like.It was wrote by Cao xueqin,a well-know writer in China,in Qing Dynasty.It's about the love



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