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您好:不清楚,但是好听的英文歌好多呢~~~本人学英语的推荐这些吧希望你能喜欢. 听歌学英语软件, 里边全是经典的英文歌曲, 列表中搜索歌曲就可以, 还有英文歌曲的伴奏和翻译, 若是有搜索不到的歌曲可以联系主播, 每首歌主播都解

是不是We Ain't Taking This No More 歌词浏览歌曲名称:We Ain't Taking This No More搜索次数: 183歌手:The Moffatts专辑:作词:作曲:歌词:They rode across the desertOn a windy afternoonTheir souls belonged to SatanTheir lust to the

price tag很棒的一首歌

Lady Gaga - love game 试听 http://www.tudou.com/programs/view/ntHHpdUf_xI/ 下载 http://mp3.baidu.com/m?tn=baidump3&ct=134217728&lm=-1&word=Lady%20Gaga%20%2D%20love%20game

sarah connor 的《love is color blind》 女声,粗犷,崩崩崩,就是好像木有“夜”歌曲:Love Is Color Blind歌手:Sarah ConnorCome onIt don t matter if you re blackwhite or yellow, if you re brown or redlet s get down to thatlove is color-blindI

Like A Robot

你好!trouble is a friend - lenka 这首吧 呵呵仅代表个人观点,不喜勿喷,谢谢.

Just Dance歌手:Lady GaGaLady GaGa - Just Dance (feat. Colby O'Donis)I've had a little bit too much (much) (oh oh oh oh)All of the people start to rush (start to rush by)How does he twist this dance, can't find my drink or manWhere are my

Everybody Backstreets BOYS Everybody.每一个人啊 Rock your body.摆动你的身体 Everybody.每一个人啊 Rock your body right.尽情摆动你的身体 Backstreet's Back alright.因为后街男孩回来了!! Alright! Oh my god we're back again.哇!我们

I Surrender - Celine DionThere's so much life依然有很长的I've left to live生命之路要跋涉And this fire's burning still这爱火依然灼烧我心房When I watch you look at me当我看到你注视我的眼神I think I could find a way我相信我能够找到To stand for


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