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Most pEoplE think oF rACing whEn thEy sEE grEyh...

小题1:B小题2:D小题3:D小题4:B 小题1:本题考查归纳主旨大意的能力.由第一段前两句 “Most people think of racing when they see greyhounds (灰狗) and believe they need lots of exercise. They can actually be quite lazy!”可知作者意在

翻译:但它们确实怕冷,在他们应卧床在屋而不应在外四处溜达的时候,更是如此.这里,since, 是一个连词,等同于because, as, 表原因.would rather ---than,与---相比,更应,更愿.在与第一人称用时,常翻译为“宁可”.这也可看成是一个虚拟句式.

[图文] Most people think zoos are safe for animals , where struggles such as difficulty in finding food and When you go into one of these shops, you take a basket and you put the things you wish to buy into

People will ( think ) of China when they see or talk about it. think of = 想起



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